Selective Color and Selective B/W Examples

Total length: 30 seconds. It’s a shortie.

Total length: 30 seconds. It’s a shortie. Examples of selective color and selective B/W strategies in color grading. These are from client projects in 2012. The boy and girl kissing shows them in full color initially then the surroundings turn black and white. Watch carefully. In the last segment of the kissing couple she pulls her hand and arm away and turns into the light. The guy turns gray. It’s like that sometimes guys. So goes life. This is from the Robyn Ludwick music video Hollywood.

The next examples are from a web video for Link CoWorking. In the first part of the video is an isolated color to capture the incompleteness of working at home versus a better solution of using a kind of timeshare office that has all the amenities and social structure of a real office at a reasonable price.

This demonstration video above shows the selective color clips from their web advertising piece. Kudus to Kai Salim for his creative direction and editing. He comes up with the most intriguing creatives for clients at I’m using DaVinci Resolve 9. The music clip is “Heart” from the Light We Bring – LP by Love and Light. If you’re into that kind of music you’ll enjoy their entire album. I have it!


Colorist Austin Texas
Color finishing for Laughing Cardinal