Insights from Jedi Master Michael Chen – Master HDTV Calibrator

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I was going to use the title “Michael Chen Asks, ‘What Color Glasses Would You Like to Wear: Red, Green, or Blue?'” because in this show Michael tells a revealing story about working with clients to evoke them into seeing and thinking differently.

But before we get into Jedi Master Michael Chen’s wisdom, let me do a proper introduction.  Michael Chen is an early pioneer in the field of TV display calibration.  In fact, Michael helped create the original THX training courses for video calibration and remains one of the premier teachers in the world.  I’m personally delighted to have an opportunity to learn more about the art and science of display calibration from him, especially given that he’s been doing it for the last 20 years.

If you want to learn how to properly calibrate your TV, visit his website and learn from Michael’s generous collection of articles. He stays current and doesn’t hold back any punches. I reviewed testimonials about his online display calibration course, and I can see that he’s one of the grand master teachers of display calibration, based on all the feedback.

What I found most insightful in this interview was Michael’s perspectives on how to grow your business as a display calibrator. Michael and I also talk a lot about do-it-yourself (DIY) display calibration, so join in the conversation and learn.  I hope you find this as useful as I have, and that you too will make a point of checking his site weekly to continue learning.  If you think you have all this figured out already, let me encourage you to test yourself with Michael’s “Calibration Knowledge Challenge.” It’s a humbling experience.


~ Why would someone want their TV calibrated?

~ I’ve spent hours on your website. In fact, I recently downloaded “Video Calibration from the Inside, 2nd Edition” and started reviewing your tutorial videos again. I’m blown away by the depth of detail you provide. You’re a patient man and an amazing teacher. Why are you so passionate about teaching video calibration?

~ I think that the calibration quiz on your site is challenging. Why did you create that?

~ Let’s talk about your experience in teaching calibrators. Where do you think most calibrators get lost or have the most difficulty with the technical side of this topic?

~ Now let’s switch to the business side: Where do calibrators go wrong with their business?

~ What do you think is the right business model for someone who wants to do professional video display calibration today?  Talk about “The Grand Experiment.”

Thank you, Michael.