Is HP’s DreamColor Z27x Your Next Video Reference Monitor

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Everyone is talking about 4k, right, but who can afford a 10-bit 4k monitor that will have reliable color accuracy? For most of us, our desires outstrip our pocketbooks.  Well, maybe there is a way …. Even though we have MacPros now that easily manage 4k workflows, the real issue is the display, and anyone doing media work knows is how important it is to have a color-accurate monitor. So we make HD and 2k monitors work for us for now.

An extremely reasonable solution has emerged from HP through a close collaboration with SpectraCal and really a great number of high-profile animation and media production companies all over the world. Listen in to this show with Greg Staten, DreamColor Architect from HP, and Derek Smith, CTO at SpectraCal. We talk about HP’s new DreamColor  Z27x that is a 27”, 10-bit panel with 2560×1440 pixel resolution, BUT this baby supports 4k inputs and displays 4k images in a number of novel ways. So how exactly DOES this panel support color accurate 4k video? What about multiple color gamuts and linearity issues and PRICE? Bottom line – is this panel the right answer for color-critical work, and why was it important I do this show now?

Short answer: I was excited when I heard about a display product architect from a well-known company – HP – who had collaborated closely with a display calibration companySpectraCal – bringing the best of both worlds together for media producers.

spectracal-gradient-shadow(m)I’ve been looking forward to producing this show for weeks! This kind of cross-company collaboration is valuable. HP desires to cut the price in half from the previous DreamColor and make certain the display accuracy of the panel hardware is dead-on accurate AND make the display 4k-capable – well, their design has the promise of being a winner. Sure, in 2-3 years we’ll see 4k panels come down in price and at least potentially linear in the way they handle RGB internally. But for now, there is an excellent solution from HP with very attractive pricing, special features for handling 4k, and an extremely simple way to maintain color accuracy using SpectraCal’s CalMAN software that speaks directly with the DreamColor Z27x internal firmware. There is a lot to like about this product. Listen to our conversation and find out more! Tom

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