AJA LUT-Box for Color Space Adjustments with Eric Norrell

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Join me in a conversation with Eric Norrell, Product Manager for AJA, to talk about AJA’s LUT-box. This new addition to the AJA family was released at NAB 2014, and some significant updates were added in October. AJA provided some updates that were revealed at IBC, and Eric gives us the goods on those new features. The AJA LUT-box provides an easy, inexpensive way to help with more precise color calibration of displays and look management in production and post workflows, and for handling camera matching on multi-camera shoots.

Before jumping into the details I want to thank OmegaBroadcast for loaning me an AJA LUT-box for testing. There is just no substitute for hands-on testing, and OmegaBroadcast’s being here in Austin makes that possible.

unnamedAlright, back to Eric as he walks us through the AJA LUT-box features …

  • Ensures proper image monitoring on the set or in the studio
  • Two 3G-SDI inputs
  • Simultaneous 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs
  • 3D LUT support up to 17x17x17 point, 10/12-bit
  • Supports standard .lut, .txt, .3dl, and .cube 3D LUT formats
  • Configurable on USB via supplied AJA MiniConfig software for Mac and PC
  • 12-bit image processing
  • 16-channel embedded SDI and 8-channel HDMI audio
  • 2-channel RCA analog audio output
  • 5-year Warranty

At the end of the conversation, Eric provides a number of very useful LUT management tools you can use with the AJA LUT-box. Here are a few. Let me say my go-to tool for creating 3D display LUTs for display calibration purposes is SpectraCal’s CALMAN software. It works well with the AJA LUT-box and works with all major industry LUT-boxes and display technologies. The Lightspace CMS from LightIllusion is also an excellent tool for creating 3D LUTs for the AJA LUT-box.

However, for managing a collection of LUTs and creatively exploring what’s possible with LUTs, you may want to see these tools:

Lattice – Apple App store – Manipulate, transform, and convert 3D and 1D LUTs. Supports many popular LUT formats, and can seamlessly convert between any of them. A simple and powerful interface. The developers are accessible and extremely responsive to questions.

Briz LUT Converter – PC app – handy software solution to convert 3D & 1D LUT (Color Lookup Table) files from one format to another. It supports a variety of input and output formats, batch processing, merging LUT files, 1D to 3D conversion, etc. The latest version can convert ICC Profiles, Adobe SpeedGrade Looks, ASC-CDL to any LUT format.

Arri web-based LUT generator – free and fun. I’ve used this just for the sake of creative experimentation for any camera. Many thanks toPatrick Inhofer for that idea a while back as it set me free to think more openly about what’s possible with LUTs, creatively speaking.

3D LUT Creator – App is intended for photographers versus videographers; however, it’s an amazing tool for exploring creative uses of LUTs.

LUT Translator – Apple store app. Translate all your look-up tables in all formats within one application. LUT Translator reads and writes any 1D and 3D LUT format and keeps your LUTs organized in a document-based database.



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