FUJIFILM’s IS-MANAGER v2.2 Update ScreenCast

I think this FUJIFILM IS-MINI is the hottest LUT-box going these days for on-set DITs needing to quickly get a monitor calibrated and, more importantly, have a way to experiment with different looks with a director or dial in a more consistent color from a shoot with multiple cameras from different vendors. It’s comes with extremely capable software that goes way beyond loading a LUT into it. The software includes the ability to create LUTs, load LUTs, and share those LUTs with DaVinci Resolve. The more I use this little guy, the more I find new uses for it in my studio. It’s fast and flexible. It works directly with Pomfort’s LiveGrade too.

The IS-MINI LUT-box and accompanying IS-Manager software will allow you to make real-time color adjustments with a SDI video signal and, after experimenting with minor display adjustment or testing out a specific look, you can output the look as a LUT directly in DaVinci Resolve format (.cube). There is a HDMI output, too. You can also do this in LiveGrade, but at quite an additional cost.

There is more goodness to this IS-Manager as it includes more than 15,000 viewing LUTs available for all the favorite professional cameras. These camera LUTs cover pretty much any cinema or video camera made in the last 5 years, for both tungsten and daylight, and to convert from the many different Log and Color Space options these various cameras are capable of outputting. They were all created using ACES. So that also allows for different rendering intents, including those for negative and print film stock renderings. Future-proof.

Screenshot 2014-10-04 12.53.43

There are more features! If you have an interest in using this gear, take a few minutes and listen to Michael Bulbenko walk through all the updates to the IS-Manager software that come free with the IS-MINI LUT-box. I promise you’ll be impressed with the simplicity and yet how powerful it is.

Interested in learning more about LUTs and log recording? Visit this very well done write-up on the FujiFilm site: “Open the Door to LOG Shooting“.
The IS-MINI is available locally at Omegabroadcast.com.

Thank you, Michael Bulbenko, for helping me pull this screencast together.

Be sure to check out the related blog article that talks more about the IS-MINI LUT box itself.

Thank you

Tom P