Remote Grading Session Demo between Austin and Brisbane

Warren suggested we put together a dual video shoot to show people what it is like to have a live remote color grading session going with DaVinci Resolve.  So we did a live grading session between my studio in Austin, Texas, and his in Brisbane, Australia.  Check out the Aussie newspaper he shows during our session!

The Resolve user manual provides the steps you take to get a remote session going, but there are not nearly enough details to figure out the real issues – the networking part.   The details for setting up Resolve in the user manual are currently on p. 843 (Chapter 16 – Database Management), and I included them below.

The tricky aspect of doing a remote grading session is setting up the network connection between the client and the colorist. Resolve provides practically no error messages so it’s hard to really know what’s going on if the connection you are trying to set up isn’t establishing properly. I cover the basic networking set up issues starting at about 5:15.

Bottom line is when the client hits COMMAND-G on his side she/he needs your ( the colorist) public IP address and your local area network routers needs allow traffic to and from the client’s machine.  You can get your public IP address by going to and you can get your local area network IP address by going to networking in system preferences.  Setting up your router to allow public internet traffic to your machine on port 15000 is what takes some extra work and is very dependent on how your gear works locally.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 10.27.32

This ‘show and tell’ video gives some of the basic information you’ll need to get the networking issues handled, but honestly this can vary from site to site depending on what type of gear you’re using and what platform (Mac, Windows, or Linux).  See the middle of the video above if you want to just jump to the networking portion.  If you have additional insights or specific configurations to share, please add them into the comments area.

Special thanks to:
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