How Can Color and Light Impact Your Creative Flow? SXSW 2015 Panel

I am delighted to announce I’ll be attending SXSW 2015 this year as a panelist for Catalytic Color: Flow & the Balanced Brain Benefit. I will be moderating the panel.

LUnknown-1eanne Venier, artist, engineer, and expert in the Science of Color and Light for Flow, submitted this fascinating panel idea, and it was selected from more than 3300 entries to present at the SXSW Interactive 2015 conference. I am greatly honored by her request to moderate the panel, and I am excited to be in the presence of our other talented panelists, Margaret Keys and Brad Richardson.  I think this panel is going to open up a lot of minds and spark creative ideas around the idea of ‘Flow’.

Come join us Saturday, March 14, 12:30 – 1:30pm, JW Marriott, Salon 2, 110 E 2nd St in Austin, Texas.

Here is a summary of what we’ll be covering:

* Why it’s important to use both brain hemispheres to run a successful business:  Left Brain (analytical and task-oriented), and Right Brain (creative and intuitive, where innovation and insights occur, often during Flow state).
* The benefits of Flow, an optimal, right-brain state of consciousness where people feel and perform their best and innovation occurs. Most cutting-edge scientific and technological breakthroughs occur in Flow, as do major athletic and art achievements. A 10-year McKinsey study of top executives recently showed that they are 5 times more effective when operating in Flow, and if we were to increase the amount of time we’re in Flow by a mere 20%, workplace productivity would double.
* How to optimize color and indoor lighting in work environments to enhance Flow, promote teamwork, maximize productivity and peak performance, and dramatically improve employee health and job satisfaction.
* How to quickly and easily train our brains (neuroplasticity) using right-brain exercises to access Flow whenever desired.

Want to learn more? Please visit Leanne’s site where she has posted more details on the panel and background on all the panelists.

See you there!