ColorTalk Podcasting Lineup for Winter 2015 – “What can we learn from each other …”

Here is what’s on the lineup for the next couple of months.  I’m very excited about this mini-series that started out titled “What Can a Colorist Learn …” but as this idea has evolved it’s becoming more about what ‘we’ can all learn in the filmmaking process from each other to improve our creative products – especially the smaller independently budgeted films.   Here’s the deal.  We’re running around with the same gear more or less in production and  the post production process is accessible to everyone even color grading which was the last big piece to drop in price.

The key thought that is emerging in these interviews is the lack of communication regarding the use of color and light in the production process. As we move to shooting more raw there is this overall tendency to rush to the logistics of production. The assumption is the colorist will take the raw files and do his/her magic.  I’m over simplifying here I realize.  And I know there are DPs, directors  and even scriptwriters who have a keen sense of the use of color and light.  By and large, that’s not the case. So I decided to find a way to evoke and share knowledge about the awareness and use of color in the production and post-production process of filmmaking. Join in, listen and learn. Let me know your thoughts too.