Part 2: What Can a Colorist Learn from a Distributor? – Linda Nelson,

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Think about it – what could you learn from a distributor, really? For me, finding an answer was a stretch.  If you’re like me and you assume distributors are a kind of invisible gatekeeper, then it’s difficult to get over the mindtalk running in your head that a distributor is out to get you in some way. Or at best is just someone you have to pay along the way.

img_0224Clearly this isn’t always the case, but then there are those horror stories we’ve all heard over the years. Has this changed with the video on demand (VOD) marketplace evolving so quickly? You might be surprised what you learn from Linda Nelson of during this 60 minutes of non-stop, high-intensity flow of ideas to help you be more successful with your film. Download now to learn her insights for successful distribution of indie films. If you missed Part 1 with Andie Grace of Devolver Digital Films, a distributor in San Francisco, then please catch that one, too!

Here are few of the points I press Linda on:
~ Are distributors just gatekeepers?
~ Can Facebook help you make lower-cost films that are more successful?
~ Is shooting 4k really necessary right now?
~ How critical is audio encoding? Can that keep you from making sales on iTunes?
~ What is the cheapest and fastest way to get captions and subtitles done?
~ What is the best way to handle an anamorphic look? Can’t you just burn that in during post?
~ Can self-distribution wreck your chances for bigger opportunities?
~ What is the best way to contract with a distributor?
… and so much more …

Learn how she helped a filmmaker who produced an entire project with $25,000 be successful in distribution. A fascinating story.

Linda completely shifted my perspective on collaboration with a distributor because the bottom line is that working with a good distributor is going to improve your odds at making more money over a longer period of time. Sure, I know, there are always the amazing individuals who do it all themselves, and that’s as it should be. But for the majority of films I’m involved with, collaboration with a distributor could make a big difference.  It is easier than you think and comforting to know that some will partner with you in an ethical manner.

Looking for a transcript of this show, Download here – ColorTalk Tom Parish Interviews Linda Nelson – IndieRights

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