What Can a Colorist Learn from a Producer? A Conversation with Ezra Venetos

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Up next is a conversation with Ezra Venetos, a film producer in Austin, Texas, whom many of us know locally for his successful indie films (INTRAMURAL, ZERO CHARISMA, 5TIME CHAMPION).  I ask Ezra to talk about what makes him unique in his approach to producing films.  We discuss the central themes I’ve been exploring in this mini-series: Have we unconsciously evolved into a bad Ezra_bio_pichabit of thinking production quality is related to how much 4k or 5k gear we budget to rent or own?  Will an emphasis on color simply be how we ‘fix’ the story in post, or will it be part of pre-production as it was in the past?  What needs to change to make better films in this hyper-competitive Indie market?

Ezra and I cover these points and more:

  • Have we become compartmentalized in the way we produce movies now that it’s all digital?
  • What’s more important — your gear or your team?
  • DITs — what’s the real deal on this position?  
  • Are we seeing a renewed opportunity to leverage our creative collaboration across production and post in the use of light and color in the filmmaking process?

Both Ezra and I hope you find this conversation helpful.  I sure did!