Life without Color – Can You Imagine?

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f8d9a35fcc64d76b8ad4cc2b374784e2_originalUp next is a conversation with Robb Jacobson about the lives of people who are affected – by birth and by injury, drastically and unknowingly – with some form of color blindness.

Robb is a story producer and a filmmaker who is partially color blind.  One day it hit him: In our society, we cherish our visual field, but we also demand it to be understood uniformly. Policemen, firemen, pilots, soldiers, railroad workers, electricians, astronauts, artists, and many more occupations won’t allow for any inconsistency in color determination.

In his up-and-coming documentary Life without Color, Robb shows the human condition of those who are color impaired and color blind, and he highlights the capabilities of those who won’t give up on attaining a solution and a better life. Visit to learn more about the film and contribute to the Kickstarter project now running. Let’s help this young man make this real. That’s my goal in sponsoring the film myself.

As a colorist in the film-making industry whose livelihood depends on seeing color all day, every day, I was curious to learn more from Robb, and he was generous and thoughtful in his responses to my inquiries.

This is what I asked:

When did you first notice your disability around color? What is it like?

What is your motivation for coming up with this film?

How does being color impaired impact people who want to have a career in public service?

In meeting other people who are color blind, do you notice anything different about their personality or their emotional nature? Can severely color blind people still enjoy life?

Talk more about people you’ve interviewed regarding different types of color blindness.

How does being color blind impact childhood or adult life?

Can anything ‘really’ be done about this condition?

Thank you, Robb. I’ve learned a lot listening to you – not only professionally but compassionately – about the issues of people living with some form of color blindness. I’m looking forward to seeing your film!

Readers, do take a moment right now and visit Robb’s Kickstarter project and make a contribution to the production of this film.