Tom Parish – Brief Career Overview

Tom Parish is a thought leader and facilitator of conversations around technology and the problems of our times. Tom continually leverages his experience working directly with AI researchers from the MIT AI LAB in the 1980’s while at Symbolics using LispMachines and the MCC research labs focusing on holographic storage and neural network designs. Tom was involved in moving Motorola Semiconductor IT infrastructure to TCP/IP-based network and the first Internet Marketing Group in the late 1990’s. More details are available at Tom is continually motivated to bring new technologies to market that help people team with each other and with smarter tools to work at higher levels of abstraction. Business wins big when it focuses on inspiring curiosity and sharing insights.

His background includes 30-plus years in management in networking, cloud computing, SCADA and process control, enterprise software, mobile technology, customer relationship management, social media, AI, and multi-media production, as well as a career as a musician and a film colorist.

Tom is a producer and host of some 1300 thought-leadership-focused podcasts about DevOps IT technology featuring a vast range of management personnel and creatives at “ Fortune 1000” top-performing tech and design companies. 

The conversation nearest his heart  addresses how best to educate young people on the virtue of adaptability in the workplace and developing a keen sense of understanding interdisciplinarity ties. In bearing witness to the new economy and its unprecedented whims, on behalf of his grandkids, Tom seeks to create a legacy giving voice and visibility to this pivotal dialogue as a writer and public speaker.

Tom works in an advisory role with startups and enterprises seeking advanced technologies to improve their competitive edge. He seeks people who are problem-solvers and business builders striving to bring new ideas to market. In his heart, he’s about helping people discover more of what they want to become in life. If there is one thing Tom know it’s the fundamental issues of selling and marketing new technology given his 40 years of experience of always being on the leading edge.

Tom’s hobby and passion is connecting with others on the impact of AI in our lives, the joy of art and colors, and an appreciation for life as a husband, father and granddad.