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I comb through the following web sources for trending news relating to the evolution and social impact of these far reaching technologies – AI, Robotics, IoT and of course the biggie blockchain technology. The important perspective to keep in mind with blockchain technology is the impact is much broader than you may think. For a good baseline understanding of the wide impact of blockchain technology (on many industries), download the free E-Book: Blockchain for Dummies.  IBM’s web content does an excellent job of explaining blockchain to executives. Bottom line it’s not just about digital currency.

I’m particularly curious about the future impact of these technologies on employment in the coming years 2020’s and 2030’s. You see, I have seven grandkids, and I’m curious to learn how I can help them be better prepared to enter the employment market and capture good salaries.  I have already given two talks at Baylor School of Communication regarding employment preparedness in the age of AI and Machine Intelligence in the workforce.

Here are my top sources these days and yes these are free: –  provides relevant information and intelligence on 50 thousand topics. – TOPBOTS educates business leaders on high-impact applications of modern machine learning and A.I. techniques and helps leading organizations adopt and implement emerging technologies.

Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View Newsletter – outstanding!

Robohub – a non-profit online communication platform that brings together experts in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education from across the globe. Our mission at Robohub is to connect the robotics community to the rest of the world.

Hackernoon Artificial Intelligence section Voicebot Weekly

Voicebot Weekly at

Benedict’s Newsletter  – a weekly newsletter of what he’s seen in tech and thought was interesting. Benedict works at Andreessen Horowitz and always has something insightful to pass on.

The best content, news, and resources for IoT –

More Resources

Emmanuel Sibanda List of Newsletters and articles for Blockchain and AI technology

NOTE: If you want to get a huge jump on others doing research I suggest subscribing to  BrainSpace is all about augmenting intelligence to accelerate human potential.  I could not agree more. This is my go-to source when providing strategic advisory input for C level projects.  There is more to our future than the technology we’re chasing.


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