Being Present

Life is a series of changes and transitions from one place to the next in our journey.   I remind myself to mind the gap along the way.

Regardless of the role, I may play in business:

  • full-time executive
  • fractional executive
  • coach or mentor to employees and clients
  • conduct research due diligence
  • tackle innovation projects
  • assist with technology assessment process …

What serves me is to remember:

  • The importance of refining the art of conversation and engagement.
  • To be passionate about culture, customers, content, connections & community.
  • My core value system is Give-to-Give versus Give-to-Get.
  • Exercise the ABCs of Social Selling – always be connecting and curating content.
  • Always look at things through the eyes of your customer.
  • “Sell” the way your customers want to buy. Be open to change.
  • Be authentic. There’s no substitute for trust.
  • Passionate about elevating the profession of sales and sales enablement.
  • Remember the future is here it’s just not evenly distributed.