Tom Parish

“Be what the machines can’t be,
be more you, be more human”

I’m actively engaged in projects and collaborations around AI Literacy and IoT topics. Mentoring and teaching are a priority and contributing to efforts that make AI and automation technology aligned with our goals as humans. For a more complete look at my past experiences and technical background please visit this page.

My primary technical interests center on the consumerization of AI, the move toward hyper-automation, and building IoT devices.

I have questions to explore:

What will be possible for the masses that currently isn’t?

How will education adapt to the use of AI tools?

How do we teach and deepen awareness of AI alignment and safety (critical).

Will more of us ponder the meaning of life?

Additionally, I see an important time coming with a marriage between the practices of Dev Ops and AI Safety and Alignment. DevOps teams are starting to use AI and machine learning for automating workflows. AI, machine learning, and data science practices that solve problems quickly and effortlessly. 

We need people to bridge the gaps between the business and the technical sides to inform and guide the operationalizing of AI technologies. And I’m not just talking about large enterprise development organizations. Just like in the early 2000s when every small business needed to focus on Google search to build an online business, now, every small business has to find ways to leverage AI technologies to grow their business. We need people to transform all the technical talk into how we use AI in our daily lives and our businesses and be wary of unintended consequences.

I hope over time I’ll have opportunities to teach the younger generation about computers and software and bring my perspective given my involvement with AI in the 1980s and so many amazing developments since then. I have a passion for figuring out ways to automate, ‘things’. More importantly, I’m passionate about finding ways to align new tech for the greater good of each other as well as business.

I’m currently building software projects with others using Bildr (Visual coding tool), Node-Red, MicroPython, and microcontrollers like the Raspberry PI and ESP32.

I have made many good friends over the years and with the rapidly emergent era of consumer AI tools, I look forward to sharing my goals to inspire curiosity with an expanding community of like-minded people. I want to see my grandkids and their generation learn how to be comfortable with their higher self in this modern world. Please DM me on Twitter @tparish or Linkedin to set up a conversation. More about me here.