I’m actively engaged in projects, and collaborations for both business and pleasure. Mentoring and teaching are a priority.

My primary technical interests center on IoT devices and teaching the younger generation about computers and software. I have a passion for figuring out ways to automate, ‘things‘ .

I’m building software projects with others using Bildr (Visual coding tool), Node-Red, MicroPython and microcontrollers like the Raspberry PI and ESP32.

I coach people needing help on the Internet. I have made so many good friends over the years I’m interested in meeting people who want to be more successful with their business and see a need for coaching and inspiration. My goal is to inspire curiosity and I’m looking for ways to contribute time with kids and adults wanting to learn how to be comfortable with their higher self in this modern world. Please DM me on Twitter @tparish or Linkedin for a preview conversation. Pricing is here.