Version 1 Prototype. The box below sits in a closet at the top of the stairs. Each relay is wired to a tiny proximity detector at top and bottom of the stairwell handrail.  The LED strip and related wires are tucked up under the stairwell handle rail. The time ‘on’ for the LED strip is adjustable from 45 seconds to three minutes. I left it a 45 seconds for now

How it works

Node Red (NR) configuration pushes a HTTP URL to the Shelly RGB device every 1-2 hours. 

Issue – doesn’t seem to be a smooth way to transition the colors – fade from one to another color. I may need to just research that further.  

I want to get the NR graphic UI going on this app to simplify the selection of colors. The current approach requires typing in a long http request string for each event including the RGB numbers for the colors. 

This is this Node-Red configuration currently in use. I have no doubt there is a more elegant ways to do this but for me the visual layout has been helpful as I figured out the color changes. 

Next Steps

Use the Cron Expression Generator & Explainer to build a better UI in Node Red for remote configuration of the RPI Zero which is powerful enough to run NodeRed.

Move the Node Red configuration from the desktop Ubuntu system to a Raspberry PI Zero and mount this chip inside the box on a perforated board with the other components. This will make the installation more reliable physically and more configurable remotely since I can always SSH into the RaspberryPi Zero for further enhancements.  

Some idea for the future are to adjust the color of the LEDs based on weather outside. Another idea is trade out the LED strip for addressable LEDs for more effects. Not sure that’s needed now but cool idea.