ChatGPT AI Literacy for Everyone in 2023

Are you curious but somewhat overwhelmed by all the new ideas, software tools and terms relating to artificial intelligence (AI)? Look no further.

I offer informal ‘how to’ presentations on the basics of ChatGPT with a look at what’s to come. There is a lot of excitement about AI now. And, there is a lot of hype too so part of my goal is help you understand what’s possible now and in the near future with tools like ChatGPT and the coming wave of AI tools.  I’m finding a lot of personal inspiration myself using these tools in own projects and look forward to sharing my insights.

I leave room for questions and discussions, allowing people to express and explore what is on their minds about AI. 

It’s okay to have some fun learning along the way. So, embark on this journey with curiosity and enjoy the ride!

Presentations vary in length. Typically 30-60 minutes.

Find new inspiration. Pick up these tools and run with them!

Course outline: 

You are Already Using AI Tools

The New Vocabulary

Finding answers in (Google) versus Generating answers with (AI)

Why the Excitement Now?

  • What people are doing
  • What people are dreaming about doing

How to Control AI – We’ll use ChatGPT for now

  • Have some fun 
  • Doing more
  • How to adjust how literal versus creative results

What’s going to happen next?

Resources to Play and Learn More

Do you have questions? DM me on Linkedin or Twitter @tparish