Harness Your Humanness: The Key to Staying Relevant in an AI World

 “Be what the machines can’t be, be more you, be more human”

This is the phrase I use at the end of every talk I give on using AI in our day-to-day lives. My talk explains how technology has become so ever-present and at times may feel overbearing.  So often the question is raised, “Where is my role at work and in life now that AI is becoming more capable?” 

I ask you to remember that you always have control over where you put your mind. What’s on offer as machines become more capable is for each of us to become more ‘us,’ more human. We don’t hire machines, we build them. We hire people we want to work with and make a difference in our lives.

Choose wisely in a world where algorithms and data can dominate our experiences. Widen your view. Explore something unknown to you. Ok, sure, that can be scary at times but isn’t that part of our human experience? 

We must choose to highlight the value of our human skills and the qualities that machines lack.  That’s where our uniquely human strengths shine. That’s what makes you more employable and authentic. 

Embrace your empathy, creativity, and critical thinking skills in every part of your life.

Here is my list of evolving qualities I want more of in my life: 

  • Dream and discover new ideas
  • Think and rationalize, yet be self-reflective
  • Have compassion for others
  • Grow self-awareness: the ability to reflect on my own thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Communicate thoughtfully with others through spoken, written,and nonverbal means
  • Find inspiration for more curiosity to generate new ideas and innovate
  • Be flexible and willing to change plans
  • Trust my intuition
  • Problem-solve and nurture the ability to think critically and come up with solutions to complex problems
  • Stay strong in my morals and ethics: distinguish between right and wrong and make careful judgments
  • Form mental images, concepts, and ideas of things that do not currently exist or are not present in the immediate environment
  • Indulge my sense of humor
  • Practice abstract reasoning, the ability to think about complex and abstract concepts
  • Regulate my emotions 
  • Time travel mentally to remember the past and imagine the future yet live in the present
  • Take in new perspectives to understand and consider different viewpoints 

Expand your own list. Celebrate that you have grown enough to see another possibility. If there is a struggle, there is value in asking for professional help when life moves in unwanted directions. Explore your humanness as you learn more about yourself.

Machines can’t do that.

Keep visiting this idea for more to life. Be what the machines can’t be, be more you, be more human.  What aspect of your humanness are you exploring today?