From I Don’t Know to Confidence: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Public Speaking

Donna Lipman discusses a personal theme of hers: stepping forward –  the importance of finding and using one’s voice. She shares personal experiences of fear and self-doubt, particularly in public speaking situations, and how these feelings have been overcome over time. Here are four key points from her talk:

  1. The importance of stepping forward, both literally and metaphorically. This involves overcoming personal fears and doubts to take on new challenges and opportunities, such as public speaking.
  2. Dealing with fear and self-doubt: Donna shares personal experiences of fear and self-doubt, particularly in situations where they were asked to speak in front of others. They describe how these feelings were rooted in their childhood and carried into adulthood.
  3. The significance of finding and using one’s voice. They highlight how they were often known as the “I don’t know” girl, reflecting their fear of speaking up. She emphasizes that everyone’s voice matters and should be heard.
  4. Overcoming Fear: Donna shares how she has been able to overcome this fear over time. She explains that while she felt confident singing in front of others, speaking was a different challenge. She found her way to overcome this fear and now encourages others to do the same.

In the context of AI and automation, stepping forward means embracing these new technologies and understanding their potential impacts on our lives and businesses. Just as the speaker in the audio encourages individuals to overcome their fears of public speaking, knowing the importance of your unique self-expression is what makes you more human. And being more you and more human is what is on offer in the age of AI and automation.

This audio was recorded in Austin the Center for Spiritual Living, Central Texas.

Donna is a 23-year life coach and can be reached at